How it all began.

- 2008:
My friend, Luc Pappens, and myself, Dirk Acx, had the idea to start a library with photos of billiards players.
Luc was a master photographer. This site is also partly dedicated to the memory of Luc.
Luc will always be mentioned on this site.

- 2009:
We started our shoots, the first steps were taken and the first pictures were then made available.
Unfortunately Luc could only do a few shoots. Luc died on 29th December 2009 from the effects of cancer.
Take care my dear friend.

- 2014 november 29
Started a group on facebook to promote the billiardsphotography

- 2015 march 29

- 2016 december first
Starting december 2016 the amount of pictures is at 70.000 +

- 2018 January
Reached the mark of 100.000 photos online.
Now this is probably the largest Billiard Photo website in the world.
Facebookgroup Billiardsphoto reached a membership total of 1.500.

-2019 June/Oktober
During the worldcups in Blankenberge and later in Veghel Facebookgroup Billiardsphoto reached a membership total of over 1.800.

- 2020 January
The site reached a total of 127.500 photos online.
100.000 of them where taken by Dirk Acx, myself.
As of March 2020, all competitions in Belgium and the Netherlands and just about all competitions around the world were halted due to the risk of infection by the Corona virus.

- 2021
January, February etc no competitions. Until further notice. Hopefully we will be able to start back up leagues and championships in September after inoculations.
End of february: The website reached the to toal of The total number of photos published on the website reached the total of 126.000
July: Still in Corona time, but luckily I was able to start some photo shoots again.

October: I Changed the website host to the Vimexx host company. After 13 years being hosted at one.com I changed to other company to have more disk space. Now billiardsphoto.com has 500 GB diskpace available and is hosted on faster servers.

- 2022
Still under covid rules.
Jan 28 Matches can be played again in Belgian.
Started up photoshoots again often with covid regulations and mask.
April: Fortunately we were able to play billiards again since April.
So shooting photos and refereeing in my case kind of went back to normal.
October: October: Reached a total of published photos of 135.00.
Sadely a call for sponsors help to help for the cost for the website brought nothing usable.

You can contact me on info@billiardsphoto.com..

Now several photographers participate on the website.
Thanks for the many hours of work they all do for the promotion off the billiard sport.

Photographers on the site:
Acx Dirk / Bardales Juanca / Barbieri Elis / Brekelmans Paul / Brenders Thierry / Capel André / Chang Alison / de Vries Arnoud / Eroglu Ahmet / † Gaertman Hans / Güveneer Ibrahim / Kobayashi Toru / Lefevre Michelle / Mevissen Edmund / Moesbiljaar / Nielsen Frederik / Nockmann Martin / Osnabrug Stefan / † Pappens Luc / Parmentier JP / Reintjes Edwin / Rosmulder Jan / Rousseau Sébastien / Schothuis Raymond / Smilde Ton / Strosse Hilde / Takao Takayama / Theuns Henk / Thijssens Henry / Van Hoecke Romain / Van Nijlen Harry / Van Tiel Harry / Vloemans Patrick / Wiedemann Horst