How it all began.

- 2008:
My friend, Luc Pappens, and myself, Dirk Acx, had the idea to start a library with photos of billiards players.
Luc was a master photographer. This site is also partly dedicated to the memory of Luc.
Luc will always be mentioned on this site.

- 2009:
We started our shoots, the first steps were
taken and the first pictures were then made available.
Unfortunately Luc could only do a few shoots. Luc died on 29th December 2009 from the effects of cancer.
Take care
my dear friend.

- 2015 march 29

- 2016 december first
 Starting december 2016 the amount of pictures is at 70.000 +

- January 2018
Reached the mark of 100.000 photos online.
Now this is probably the largest Billiard Photo website in the world.

You can contact me
on .

Now several photographers participate on the website.
Thanks for the many hours of work they all do for the promotion off the billiard sport.

Photographers on the site:
Acx Dirk / Bardales Juanca / Barbieri Elis / Brekelmans Paul / Brenders Thierry / Capel André / Chang Alison /  de Vries Arnoud / Eroglu Ahmet /
† Gaertman Hans / Güveneer Ibrahim / Kobayashi Toru / Lefevre Michelle / Mevissen Edmund / Moesbiljaar / Nielsen Frederik / Nockmann Martin / Osnabrug Stefan / † Pappens Luc / Parmentier JP / Reintjes Edwin / Rosmulder Jan / Rousseau Sébastien / Schothuis Raymond / Smilde Ton / Strosse Hilde / Takao Takayama / Theuns Henk / Thijssens Henry / Van Hoecke Romain / Van Nijlen Harry / Van Tiel Harry / Vloemans Patrick / Wiedemann Horst